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Chand Sa Roshan Chehra

The two stars are for debutant Samir Aftab. He has given a confident performance for a newcomer...

Producers: Salim Akhtar
Director: Shahab Shamsi
Samir Aftab, Tamanna, Kiran Kumar, Dellip Thadeswar
Jatin Lalit

Movie Review

The two stars are for debutant Samir Aftab. He has given a confident performance for a newcomer. He also has the quiet charm that is missing in the present day actors. Otherwise the film is an old-fashioned love story complete with kids falling in love and promising to carry on their love story even when they grow up.

It’s time our filmmakers came out of this rut. The film has shades of ‘Qayamat Se Qayamat Tak’, and a bit of ‘Maine Pyar Kiya’ too. It is so predictable and also full of flaws that you squirm in your seat (that’s if you have still survived the film) in anger! It is the story of Raj (Samir Aftab) and Jiya (Tamanna), who love each other since childhood.

But Jiya's father (Kiran Kumar) does not approve of this match. We don’t blame him. Who would ever, in today’s day and age think of wanting their 10-year-olds to enter into a romantic alliance! Jiya’s family even migrates to Switzerland. Thank God we are spared the melodrama here. But how is it possible that nobody can trace them in that country.

A Still from 'Chand Sa Roshan Chehra' A Still from 'Chand Sa Roshan Chehra' So our lover boy is left pining for his love and dreams of the day when he can go and look for her there. Don’t kids today keep in touch with their friends through e-mail?

Or is the film set in the 80s? Raj’s mother even gives her 10-year-old kid the mangalsutra and ring that she has specially made for her future daughter-in-law. Which world are we living in? As fate would have it, Raj gets a chance to go to Switzerland. But the funny bit is that he is sent there to represent his college in a dance competition but keeps telling people, including Jiya, that he is here to look for her! Anyway in true filmi style,

Raj bumps into Jiya time and again (not knowing who she is) and they get into all kinds of fights and arguments. Raj wins the music competition which angers Jiya and she hires some local goons to beat him up. He is almost beaten to pulp by the time she realizes his true identity. A misunderstanding develops and Jiya gets engaged to a family friend (Dellip Thadeshwar). Raj is heartbroken but the two sort out their misunderstanding and fall in love.

How the lovers reunite in the true sense forms the crux of the story. We wonder what happens to these bold girls when it comes to fighting for their love. Why do they suddenly become meek instead of fighting for their rights. Jiya even goes to the extent of telling her fiancé that she could be forced to marry him but she will continue to love Raj.

Why doesn’t she just break off the engagement? The film is very slow-paced and regressive. Somehow the love story lacks fire. Now for the performances. Tamanna is irritating in the first few scenes but slowly settles down and acts better in the second half. She looks better in Indian outfits. Kiran Kumar is fine. Talat Aziz doesn’t have much to do.

Himani Shivpuri (as the music teacher) is efficient. Dilip Thadeshwar doesn't get much scope. Jatin-Lalit's music is good but there is an abundance of songs. At least two or three songs could be easily dropped. It’s chances at the box office seem bleak what with no sex or skin show to make up for the drab pace of the film.

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